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“EGO – Edging Golf Out” is a compelling book that sheds light on the post-Covid state of the golf industry. Written by Chuck Thompson, the book highlights the daily struggles faced by course owners and operators in growing their businesses. Traditionally, owners and operators have been ill-prepared to expand their reach beyond the Core and Avid Golfers, relying on out-of-date methods for over a century.

Chuck Thompson and his team at MMC® have developed an innovative, self-funding and risk-free growth initiative that breaks away from the usual demographic and places a strong emphasis on attracting Casual and New golfers. Chuck’s approach aims to lower the barriers to entry, making the game more affordable and all-inclusive, thus diversifying its player base.

“EGO” serves as a comprehensive guide for saving and growing golf businesses, careers, and the overall game of golf. Chuck passionately calls upon individuals in the industry from golf professionals to the leadership of esteemed organizations such as the PGA and LIV Golf, to challenge their attitudes, perceptions, and approaches, fostering a more welcoming environment for newcomers. He rallies the support of all those who rely on the golf industry for their livelihood or enjoy its lifestyle to collaborate and pool resources to drive positive change. Chuck seeks to halt the widespread departure of golfers, put an end to the closure of golf courses, and exceed all expectations for the industry’s growth. It’s time to move beyond mere discussions and take meaningful action in expanding the game of golf by making it more affordable, more diverse and all-inclusive.