April 1, 2016

MMC® is Celebrating our 25th Year Anniversary. Business Is All About Numbers, So Here Are MMC®’s Numbers

MMC® launched our first promotion in 1991. We entered into the golf industry in 2006. Since entering the golf industry MMC® has worked with more than 200 golf courses over the past ten years. We have acquired more than 200,000 golfers on introductory memberships which generated more than 50,000,000.00 in up-front cash collected and over 150,000,000.00 in back-end revenue for our partnering properties. MMC® has launched over 500 promotions for up-scale athletic clubs acquiring more than 500,000 members on introductory memberships which generated more than $125,000,000.00 in up-front cash collected and over $250,000,000.00 in back-end revenue for our partnering athletic clubs between 1991 and 2006.

If you combined the total revenue generated by MMC® for our clients in the health club industry which is approximately $250,000,000.00 plus the more than $150,000,000.00 we have generated for our golf course clients, these numbers tally up to $400,000,000.00 in revenue brought in by our promotions; that is over a half of a billion dollars in revenue. In short, MMC® has sold more than 700,000 individual memberships which is an average of 28,000 memberships per year, 2,500 per month which is almost 85 memberships per day, every day for 25 years. This is undeniable proof that MMC® is the world’s leader in acquiring members and growing your business; it’s not just hyperbole on a web-site or blog…it’s a FACT.

You learn a lot when you run over 700 promotions. Almost everything that can happen has happened and we have learned how to eliminate it or simulate it to maximize the return and minimize the risk. MMC® is the expert when it comes to loss aversion. You are not taking a chance with MMC®; our campaigns are completely no-risk.

Who would you prefer to perform a delicate surgical procedure; a surgeon who has one or two surgeries under his/her belt or a surgeon who has more than 700? It’s all about the numbers and numbers don’t lie. There are very few unknowns that arise when MMC® launches a promotion for you. There are not a whole lot of surprises after 700 promotions.

Forget the Con-men, Copycats and Hackers. Go with a company you can trust to bring in the big numbers; a company who has a proven track record for 25 years…MMC®.

Call MMC® today and put your worries and fears of lost rounds and revenue in the past where they belong.



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