Brand Preference Golf Course Marketing

According to, brand preference is one of the indicators of the strength of a brand in the hearts and minds of customers/golfers. It represents which brands are preferred under assumptions of equality in price and availability.

It is extremely important you create and build brand preference over your competitors in the golf industry. Through brand preference, you will know a golfer’s perception of your golf course. Brand preference, i.e., your golf course, has far more superior value versus price than any other golf course in your market.

Building brand preference takes time and effort, but it is not difficult.  Once you start focusing on your brand and the quality of your brand, you will start locking-up relationships with golfers who prefer your golf course over your competitors. Most golf pros, managers and even owners are focused on course conditions and although course conditions are very important, especially to a core golfer, but realize course condition is not the most important feature for all golfers. A casual golfer is really looking for a golf course where they can enjoy themselves, have a good time and feel welcome. Remember the old theme song from the sitcom “Cheers” the neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name, and it made you feel so happy just listening to that song. This holds true for golf courses as well. Sometimes it is as simple as people just wanting you to know their name.

When you are building your brand, you want golfers to know when they come to your golf course, everyone is going to know their names and they are going to feel at home. By doing this, you are going to build brand preference over your competitors and when you have brand preference, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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