Golf Course Marketing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a term we hear way too often in the golf industry nowadays. Defining bankruptcy is simple, it is when your liabilities outweigh your assets and you no longer have the ability to pay your bills so you are considering filing bankruptcy as a way to dissolve your debt.

What most people don’t know is filing for bankruptcy is not a simple thing to do. You have to be able to prove there is absolutely no way you can pay your bills. One of the misconceptions of filing for bankruptcy is, it is simple and easy and you can just file bankruptcy and walk away free and clear. But it really doesn’t work that way, it’s not a simple thing to do.

When you file for bankruptcy, depending on the chapter of bankruptcy you file, you have to go through difficult processes and there are other court-appointed people (trustees) to oversee the liquidation of your assets and pay as many of your creditors as possible.

One of the first things they are going to do is determine the value of your golf business. Most golf properties are set up where they run the business as one company but the actual real estate is set up as a separate company. They do this so when they get into financial trouble, they don’t lose the real estate, the real estate being the most valuable asset.

The key thing is to avoid bankruptcy at all costs because whenever you file bankruptcy, they can also come in and put liens on any real property that you have or possibly future earnings. There are various options available to golf courses if they are knowledgeable about the court systems and bankruptcy laws so it is extremely important to have good representation.

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