Golf Course Marketing Reactivation

Reactivation is a system or program designed to encourage golfers who have expired memberships (or memberships that have been frozen) to reactivate (renew) their golf membership and/or golf passes and start spending again within the golf course. Some golf courses are starting to go to a system where they allow their golfing members to freeze or put their membership on hold. This can be good and bad, as they say “a double edge sword”.

You can apply a reactivation fee on the golfer’s membership to reactivate the membership after it has been put on hold or expired. This fee can bring in extra revenue for the golf course but it can take away revenue from the golf course as well. Think of it this way, if golfers are allowed to freeze their golf memberships and/or golf passes, it allows them to avoid re-joining the golf course at a specific time. In essence, it puts all of the control in the golfer’s hands.

When you run a golf course, it is absolutely necessary your core golfers understand the workings of the season pass and/or golf membership. They must understand that each year, the golf course is going to incur new expenses and the only reason a golf membership or golf season pass is being offered is to win the golfer’s loyalty which will help maintain the golf course. With the golfer committing and pledging their loyalty to the golf course, it allows or affords the golf course owner to budget for future expenses like golf course’s maintenance.

Reactivation of a previous golf membership is sometimes unavoidable and can be positive if it is an expired golf membership because you are much better off reactivating a golfer’s previous membership than losing that golfer entirely. But as someone who studies the buying patterns and habits of golfers, I strongly suggest you look for alternative ways of handling these scenarios.

It’s very crucial that you are able to raise revenue at certain times of the year and are able to rely on that revenue. So, if at all possible, try to avoid reactivating old golf memberships or golf passes, making them continuous so when they expire, the golfer needs to renew or re-join the golf course.

When you learn how to incorporate a successful reactivation program in your golf course properly, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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