Golf Marketing Maximize Earning Potential

Golf marketing and professional golf membership sales are kind of taboo to a lot of golf courses. Some golf properties want to think they are above it, some don’t see the value in it and some just don’t want to fool with it. No matter how you feel about golf marketing really doesn’t matter. Think of it like bathing; it might take a little time every day but if you fail to do it you will suffer pain for failing to just set aside a few minutes every day. Golf marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can also be done without investing too much extra time.

When I first started out in the health club industry, I didn’t have a penny to invest into marketing and all of the “walk-ins” (guest that had been brought in through the company’s marketing efforts) went to the more experienced membership directors. This created a huge challenge for me because I worked on a draw against my commissions.

This compensation model forced me to be productive and innovative fast. I learned to maximize every opportunity into a potential sale. I want to point out at this time that although I maximized each opportunity, I never came across a salesperson wanting to sell anything. I have always disliked the typical sales person who comes to mind, e.g., some fast talker in a cheap suit. A great salesperson is a good listener dressed to mirror their ideal target. In short, to be good at professional golf sales, you need to dress like your ideal customer, listen to what he/she wants and then show them how your golf course, golf product and/or golf service is/are their best option(s) to fulfill their needs and accomplish their goals.

When I would go anywhere, I always had a pocket full of my business cards with a “free” pass on the back. Whoever I met, whether it was a waitress in a restaurant or the cashier at a convenient store I would “give” them an extra tip (in addition to the customary tip) of a free pass to my health club. Everyone loved it.

Everywhere I went throughout my career, everyone remembered me and took special care of me when I visited their establishment. They were always so happy that I gave them that free gift (value of $10) because it made them feel so special. They would even bring out the manager or owner when I would come in to introduce me to them and of course I would give them a free pass as well.

As a golf professional, you can do the same thing but with free buckets of balls or a free fifteen minute lesson, etc. The only difference is you want to qualify your target first to make sure they have an interest in golf and have the financial resources to pursue the sport so you don’t waste your time on those targets that are not potential customers. Just always be prospecting and realize that everyone you meet could be a potential sale.

Learn to maximize your earning potential through your golf marketing efforts and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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