Golf Marketing Repetition Part 2

When marketing your golf course, you want your message to get across to your prospects (golfers) and maintain consistency within your marketing. For example, your logo and your catchphrase must be consistent in your marketing efforts while changing your offer relative to your current golf marketing campaign. If you want golfers to know that you have the most exclusive golf course or you are the most affordable golf course within the community, you must have that repeated in your message over and over. For example, if you have the best golf course or were voted number one golf course within your community, make sure that it is repeated often so people will recognize that and associate that to your golf property and as part of your brand.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Create your message that you want delivered through your golf marketing. Build your brand that you want people to associate with your golf course. Develop these aspects of your golf marketing and repeat them consistently. Constantly put it out into the marketplace in your golf marketing and advertising while selecting all types of media for delivery of your message. By doing so, it will accomplish the same goal; although, with variation you will be able to reach a different demographics. Use the same consistent message and slogan and be aware of changing up the offer or the hook in your marketing efforts. Never drop the ball when it comes to repeating your golf marketing efforts within your community.

One of the reasons why I love direct mail in golf marketing is because it will enable you to target a specific market within the radius of your golf property. This allows you to repeat the message over and over again in order to peak the golfer’s interest because it is important to get their immediate attention maintaining the same message and brand. By doing so, it will start to condition the golfer to think of your golf course when they think of golf.

Use repetition in your golf marketing and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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