March 1, 2015

There are Four Types of Golfers
  1. Core Golfers
  2. Avid Golfers
  3. Casual Golfers
  4. Non-Golfers

Core golfers – Core golfers are those who play at least fifty to one hundred rounds per year. Most core golfers have built relationships with other golfers/members over a period of many years and are less likely to shop for the best deals when selecting a home course.   Core golfers know they are going to “beat the system” anyway by the sheer number of rounds they will play each year.

Avid Golfers – Avid Golfers are those golfers who play 25 to 50 regulation rounds in a year. These golfers are non-committed and will play their rounds wherever they get the best “deal” on green fees. The internet, newspaper and radio are their best friend when determining where to play this weekend.

Casual Golfers – Casual golfers are those who play eight to twelve regulation rounds in a year.  These golfers on average are playing where their buddies play this weekend and have very little knowledge about the ins-and-outs of the golf business. Internet, newspaper, radio will grab the attention of a few casual golfers but direct mail is by far the most successful media to get these golfers to commit to a loyalty program.

Non-golfers – Non-golfers are those “golfers/customers” who have shown an interest in the game through their buying habits e.g., a few rounds, equipment purchase, apparel purchase, subscriptions. These golfers play less than 8 rounds a year and some have never played a single round. The very best medium to use to capture this segment is direct mail.

If you take “core” and “avid” golfers out of the market and fail to capture the “casual” and “non-golfers” you will commit financial suicide!

Avid and core golfers know the ins-and-outs of spending the least amount of money while getting the most value. These “avid golfers” are the golfers who want all of the same prime tee times (Saturday and Sunday mornings) as your core members and these golfers will also do everything  they can to “beat the system”, e.g., bringing out their own snacks and beverages, no range revenue, some would rather walk than to rent a cart, etc.

You need to cultivate relationships with casual golfers who will be more conscientious of their image as well as the rules and regulations because they are new.  Because they are image conscientious they will be more apt to spend revenue in your profit centers to fit in. Also, Casual and non-golfers will be more receptive to play during slow times and slow seasons.

Besides, if for no other reason, you must capture EVERY golfer possible in your market because… Every golfer you remove from the marketplace is one (plus 3, including his/her 3 buddies) less golfer(s) your competitor can lock-up a relationship with.

If you are not a seasoned golf marketing professional specializing in capturing the casual and non-golfer, call the experts/innovators today!

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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