March 19, 2013

Three Ways To Increase Golf Revenue:

1) Increase traffic, i.e., bring in new golfers through a member or golfer acquisition campaign.

2) Get your golfers to spend more per visit in the profit centers through marketing campaigns specifically designed to drive revenue.

3) Raise golf membership rates or introduce new types of golf memberships.

Do one of the three; you can grow steady over time.

Do two of the three; you can grow rapidly over the next few months.

Do all three of the three, you “will” grow faster than a speeding bullet today!

Golf marketing is about doing a little every day and it will pay dividends like compound interest. Focus on one of the first two tasks every other week (I do not recommend raising prices or rates in this economy unless you have a surplus of golfers) and do something to improve/increase that area of marketing for your golf facility little by little every week.

Example: The first week of the month design a golf marketing campaign to attract new golfers like a free lunch for golfers and their guests, but only for those who bring in a guest. Yes it might cost you five bucks but how much have you been spending to get people to your doors? Learn to pay for results, and if the prospect has already advanced to the status of guest…half of the battle has already been fought. Always think about getting the biggest bang for your buck; so if you are going to roll out a golf marketing campaign do it with gusto and do it today.

The following week work on a campaign to raise awareness and revenue for your profit centers. One example could be a punch card for buckets of balls; buy 4 and get your 5th bucket free, or buy 5 sandwiches and get the 6th one free, or pay for 5 lessons and get the 6th one free, etc. These are what MMC refers to as “mini campaigns”; they don’t shake the ground but every little bit helps.

If you just do this every other week at the end of the year you will have launched 24 fresh new campaigns to increase traffic and therefore golf revenue. Think of it like tiny drops of water going into a glass; eventually the glass will fill up. Golf marketing requires consistency and dedication. It is not easy, but nothing of value ever is.

MMC®, is a performance-based, data-driven golf marketing company that hits ‘em straight.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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