May 1, 2015

The Last Day Must Be the Last Day!​​

Building your brand and reputation means conditioning your golfers and market to perceive you and your golf course as X. The fastest and most effective way of accomplishing this is by being consistent in your words/message and actions. The best time to start this is NOW.

It is extremely important you stop offering the “special offering” to the members and guests the very day you tell them it will end. Building a reputation of doing what you say, is just as important in marketing and sales as it is in your everyday life.

If you allow golfers to purchase a “special offer” (or any other promo product and/or service) beyond the original cut-off date, you will be telling the golfing public your deadlines are a ruse. Therefore, the next time you have a special offer your response will be diminished considerably due to your kind heart.

I know how it feels to be on the other side of a sad story as to why the golfer was unable to get in before the close-out (and some of them are even true) but the downside is far more damaging than the upside is positive. Of course, you must be human and there are always exceptions to every rule but be extremely careful because remember…it is your reputation/word/brand on the line.

The other side of this is the power of “scarcity”. If a count-down to close-out is properly executed it can be responsible for as much as 40% of the overall revenue generated from the campaign. One of the reasons for this burst of golfers to the finish line is a physiological phenomenon called “scarcity”. When people feel there are only a limited number they tend to want it more. It really doesn’t matter what it is, people have reacted like this since the beginning of man.

Now that you know why, from this day forward “the Last Day” of your special offers is “THE LAST DAY”!

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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