November 1, 2016

Golf Demographics

Since this is an election year I thought it befitting to discuss demographics. I want to give you just another inside tip as to the value of profiled personalized direct mail.  I thought I would use this election to hammer in the importance of customer profiling and the weight politicians put on knowing their audience. Politicians live and die by demographic studies and statistics. You cannot turn on the news without hearing so and so needs. White males, white females, Hispanic males, Hispanic females, African American males, African American females, or so and so is having a hard time engaging men over thirty, women under forty, unmarried, married, low income, high income, education, professional, democrat, republican, and so on.

Politicians are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on data and they know better than most fortune 500 companies who their target is (via demographic profiling) as well as what is the best way to deliver their message to their prospects (voters); a large portion of their budget is designated for direct mail to get their message out and telemarketing research to gather their data and see how well their message is resonating with their prospects (voters) via polls. So, don’t think direct mail is an outdated media because you would be dead wrong.  If politicians still rely on direct mail then you can rest assure “profiled personalized direct mail” is the greatest media of all to target local golfers.

Politicians will spend taxpayer’s money like one-day millionaires, but you can bet your last dollar when it comes to their own money they know where every penny goes as well as the return on investment. Knowing they still spend on direct mail tells you profiling your prospect and delivering your message via direct mail are absolute necessities. Why do politicians prefer old school telemarketing polls over internet poll for their poll numbers? There are way too many voters still not online for numerous reasons like age or socioeconomic status (SES), as well as many people still do not trust the Internet enough to surrender personal information.

There are numerous ways politicians gather their data but they still rely on the old fashion way i.e., the telephone. The smart politicians still rely more (by an overwhelming majority) on telephone polls than they do on internet polls and the reason why is simple: accuracy. The Internet is the future and ten years from now almost all communication will be digital but it is not there yet.

MMC®’s team are the experts when it comes to penetrating untapped segments through consumer profiling this is why we have successfully grown over 200 golf courses with our no-risk, self-funding golfer acquisition campaign that specifically targets the elusive market of casual and non-golfers.

If you want to grow your golf course, raise immediate cash and solidify your future, call MMC® today and let us acquire the casual and non-golfers in your market through a criteria based consumer profile and lock those golfers up in long-term relationships with their new golfing home-your course.

MMC® is a data-driven (our targeted golfers are qualified through a consumer profile), performance-based (we are paid solely on a success basis), no-risk/self-funding (the campaign completely pays for itself and we require no up-front fees), turn-key (we design and manage the entire campaign from conception to close-out) golf marketing company.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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