Source Attractiveness Golf Course Marketing

According to, source attractiveness is the way something can be considered more attractive depending on where it came from. This can be based on factors such as likeability or similarity to other comparable things.

Source attractiveness is absolutely a psychological and emotional buying decision. People tend to feel more attracted to a golf course, golf product and/or golf service if they have a connection or connotation of greatness, wealth, exclusivity, etc., associated to it.

When you think of source attractiveness, you think of the source where it came from. For example, there are many golf courses very similar to each other in playability and attractiveness, in length and level of difficulty, etc., but because one might be a Robert Trent Jones course or one might be a Jack Nicklaus course or one might be a course that Tiger Woods played or any other attractive variations to the golfer, gives that course a platform to launch a niche marketing campaign to target those individuals via source attractiveness golf marketing.

Golf marketing highlighting source attractiveness campaigns are primarily niche marketing campaigns because what you are doing is you are now going for that golfer who wants to be associated or linked to that source whether consciously or subconsciously. So when you are designing this type of marketing campaign, make sure you are thinking about the end result.

What I mean by this is, who is your ideal golfer who you are customizing this golf marketing campaign for and what are their psychological and emotional feelings and thoughts you must trigger in order to get them to take course.

These elements are very important to uncover, so when the golf marketing campaign is launched, it will accomplish the desired result.

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