Why Are Golf Courses Going Out of Business?

The answer to this question can vary widely depending on who you ask; but five reasons always make the top ten:

1. Cash Flow (normally number one in most surveys)

2.  Poorly marketed (lack of or ineffectively marketed)

3.  Incompetence (I prefer to say “one person is wearing too many hats”)

4.  Poor location (another way of saying…poorly marketed)

5.  A declining market (lack of innovative golf marketing tools)

What do these five reasons all have in common?

They all suffer the symptoms of a golf course grasping for its last breath with one single cure.

What is the cure for this plague of closures?

MMC® (www.golfmarketingmmc.com). MMC® can eliminate all five of these lethal elements from your golf course today by launching one (or all three) of our three no-risk/self-funding golf course promotions (https://www.golfmarketingmmc.com/no-risk-self-funding-golf-marketing-campaigns/).

MMC® has three no-risk/self-funding promotional campaigns, CASH (https://www.golfmarketingmmc.com/cash-promotion-page/), EFT (https://www.golfmarketingmmc.com/eft-promotion-page/) & ELITE AMBASSADOR (https://www.golfmarketingmmc.com/elite-promotion-page/) designed to increase rounds and drive up golf revenue.

Procrastination was another reason that frequently came up for the demise of some golf courses. Just do something and do it now. Hoping is not a business model; it’s a recipe for bankruptcy.

A properly executed golf marketing campaign is exactly what the Doctor (or bookkeeper) is ordering. You absolutely must market your golf course.

If you say “I want to market our golf course but we do not have the budget”; then you absolutely must market your golf course today, because had you launched an effective campaign last month you wouldn’t be uttering those words today.

For more free tips on growing the game, increasing rounds through golf course marketing, golf marketing, golf course campaigns, golf campaigns, professional golf membership sales and advancing your golf career visit us today @ www.golfmarketingmmc.com or call 904-217-3762.


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