360 Degree Branding Golf Course Marketing

According to businessdictionary.com, 360 degree branding is marketing activities which take into consideration brand identity and take an inclusive approach so that the brand is presented at all points of consumer contact.

Three hundred sixty (360) degree branding is simply hitting it from every angle. Make sure that you are branding your golf course and yourself from every angle possible. This includes political, spiritual, economic, social, etc.

Make sure you are consistently increasing the value of your brand. There are so many different ways to increase the value of your brand throughout the golfing community if you just take the time to sit down and gather your thoughts, clear your head of everything else and get focused on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Every time you hear about new activities going on in your golf community, you need to ask yourself the question, “How can I use that as a resource to improve and grow my golf club’s brand?”

There are a couple of old sayings that come to mind, “you bring about what you think about” and “where your focus goes energy flows.” This is so true especially when it comes to building your brand. If you focus your energy, your knowledge, etc., on how to improve the value and the perception of your brand, you will be able to do it successfully.

I am not just talking about the golf course but your golf career as well. Every person has his/her own brand and how you are perceived by the public is the value of your brand.

Three hundred and sixty (360) degree branding just makes you think about the whole picture. Everything around your business and your personal brand is relevant to the way your brand is perceived by the golfing community.

The sooner you are able to grasp the concept that everyone you meet or come in contact with is a potential golf member or golfer for your golf course, the faster you will be able to grasp the concept of 360 degree branding.

In 360 degree branding, every person, scenario, event and everything else that you encounter should be visualized as an opportunity or resource to increase the value of your brand to help you grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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