Dialing for Dollars Golf Course Marketing

According to businessdictionary.com, the term “dialing for dollars” was first associated as a colloquial and belittling term for salespersons that are/were selling fraudulent securities through cold calling. But today it is used throughout the sales industry with far less negative connotations.

Dialing for dollars is cold calling and telemarketing and is probably one of the least liked professions by the majority of the population. Making the calls and/or receiving the calls can be annoying but there are certain groups of people who love to work on the phone.

These people are normally social people who enjoy speaking to the public. Telemarketers or people who dial for dollars are very strong willed, thick-skinned people. They already know in their training that 99% of the people are going to be annoyed or irritated with their call so they prepared themselves psychologically and emotionally before every shift. Dialing for dollars is not for the weak at heart because you have to be able to accept rejection on a massive scale.

On the other hand, dialing for dollars is an excellent way to produce leads if you have nothing else better to do. For example, if you are in your office and you are lost on how to get your next customer (golfer), the best thing in the world is to get on the phone and start dialing for dollars.

Dial until you get that one golfer who is willing to discuss your golf product and golf service with you and be sure that prospect has some interest in golf. I am not saying that this is how you should run your sales division in your golf course because this is absolutely one of the hardest ways to draw golfers into your golf course.

What I am saying is, if there is no other way to generate leads, go ahead and pick up the phone. At least you have more of a chance of being successful that day by dialling for dollars than you do sitting in your office, twirling your thumbs.

Growing a golf club is not an easy task and there will be times when you will come up blank for ways to get golfers in the door. You must think outside-the-box at all times and facilitate every resource available to you even if it means dialing for dollars.

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