Convenience Products Golf Marketing

Convenience products are the golf products that appeal to a large market segment, purchases are frequent, the pricing is relatively low and the golf product is widely distributed.

Convenience golf products are great products to use as incentives to get golfers in the door. When I think of convenience golf products, I think of products that we can use as hooks to expand the awareness in our community about our golf course.

Think of some of the golf products that are distributed throughout the golf industry on a wide range. Things like golf tees, golf balls, golf merchandise, etc., are all great golf products that can be used in your golf marketing efforts as hooks to draw in golfers.

In a previous blog, I talked about marketing free giveaways to your prospective golf members as incentives to get valuable data and/or to acquire new golf members. Free as far as information, education, etc., and using that to get golfers into the door.

Another great tool to use to get people in the door is to sell things at cost or just above cost and make the profit margins very small so the golf products are extremely attractive. This is one of the things that discount golf stores do. They have those big barrels of tees at the front door so you can pick them up for almost nothing and sometimes throwing a bag of tees in with the purchase over a certain amount. These golf products are referred to as convenience golf products.

I love running in-house promotions where I give away a free bag of tees, free logo balls or anything to my existing golfers that will make them excited for either taking a survey or for referring a member. There is always a great way to use convenience golf products in your golf marketing to grow your golf course. Start trying to think of your true profit margins and which golf products and/or golf services yield the greatest ROI and then think of how you can use your convenience golf products to take the golfer to that next step of spending their money in those profit centers yielding higher profit margins.

Adding convenience products into your golf marketing will help you grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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