Golf Memberships Closing the Sale

I will first share with you the definition Wikipedia gives for the term “closing the sale” then I will share my thoughts.

“This is a major stage of the sales cycle and one that even sales people are often not very keen on it! It is where the sales person asks for the business. There are several techniques for closing. Cooper [1] identifies four closes: the Alternative Close, Direct Close, Cautious Close and Assumptive Close, which is also known as the Assumption Close (see relevant sections); others that many texts and sales people recognize are: Summarize and then Direct Close, Concession Close, Objection Close.”

I disagree with the later part of this definition because those are closing techniques, but they are not “closing the sale”. The closing of a sale of a golf product or golf service starts taking place during the interview of the golfer and the tour of the golf property.

A sale actually takes place when the golf membership director or golf pro transfers their enthusiasm about their golf course, golf product and/or golf services to the prospective golf member. The sale is considered closed when the golfer pays for his or her membership and the financial transaction has been completed.

But in reality, the “closing of the sale” is happening throughout the entire process. On MMC®’s website we have a free download ( to guide you through this process step-by-step and teach you how to professionally “close the sale”. We also offer numerous closing techniques at the end of the free download, but if you need closing techniques then you have done a poor job on the interview and tour. We have put the free download in the form of mind maps which is easier to follow and retain the information.

The most important thing to remember about closing the sale is that it is always taking place during the entire interview and tour. It was mentioned earlier that even some seasoned sales people are not keen about closing the sale. This is only because they are not professionally trained to understand they should be test closing throughout the entire presentation, i.e., asking questions to determine if the prospect is ready to lock-up the relationship.

When you learn how to close the sale during the interview and the tour you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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