Dynamic Golf Marketing

Dynamic golf marketing and dynamic pricing structure are based on the golfer getting a different price or a special price at the point-of-sale, that is, at the golf course. For example, you might advertise a free round of golf and if the golfer chooses to join the golf course on his first time visiting the golf course, he may get 20% off of his golf membership. Another example of dynamic golf marketing is to give out free range balls for a week and if someone opts to trade in their range pass you could waive the initiation fee or some other offer of value to get the golfer to commit their loyalty today.

The idea of dynamic pricing is for the golf course to offer an additional special to get the golfer to commit to a golf membership at the point-of-sale. When a golfer comes to your golf course for their first time, you may want to create some type of offer for first time visits only or add an extra bonus for responding to a golf marketing campaign or golf advertisement you have recently launched.

There are numerous different variations of dynamic pricing and dynamic golf marketing you can facilitate to encourage the golfer to commit to a loyalty program today.

Dynamic pricing is most commonly associated with Internet marketing now but it has originated a hundred years ago. Golf e-marketers putting first time visit incentives on the golf property’s website seems to be a new scheme but that too has been going on for many years before the birth of the Internet.

This form of golf marketing strategy has been going on for years and years together with most other golf marketing and sales techniques, it’s just that the internet golf marketers are now latching on to them and adapting them to golf e-marketing.

Dynamic pricing is really an effective golf marketing and sales technique because you are getting the golfer in the door and then you are getting their immediate interest by giving them the dynamic pricing over and above the initial draw that got them into the door in the first place.

Again, a great example of dynamic pricing is to create an incentive which will entice the golfer to commit to your loyalty program on their very first visit to your golf course.

Incorporate dynamic golf marketing into your golf marketing strategy and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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