E-Commerce Golf Course Marketing

E-commerce is selling golf products and/or golf services electronically, normally over the Internet.

In today’s economic climate, every golf course owner, golf course manager, etc., should be looking for every opportunity where they can to sell golf products and/or golf services and the Internet is definitely one of those venues.

E-commerce is an excellent way to raise additional revenue for your golf course. It does take some time to get set up before you can start your online store but it is worth it because this is another way to reach out to your golfers and make the shopping experience easier for them.

You have to have a merchant account and shopping cart software which you can get through various online companies via the Internet. You can just simply search “shopping cart” and it will give you a list of different companies that offer products and services like that.  You can go to your local bank and set up the merchant account and the shopping cart with them and they can set it all up for you in-house, where you are in complete control. But when you partner with a bank you will be subjected to a lot more regulations which will lead to a lot of headaches as well. So in most cases, it is really better just to go and set up a PayPal account or something similar to it. You can easily get the information you need on the Internet and it is absolutely free to learn how to set up this online service so you don’t have to hire a consultant to do it for you.

E-commerce is very simple. One of the things you definitely want to do is put together a golf pro shop on your website so golfers can buy your logo merchandise like, golf shirts, your logo balls, etc., which you want to have readily available and easy for them to purchase.  Having an online store is not a huge profit center, but it is another source of revenue and another way for you to grow your golf course.

Learn how to maximize E-commerce and you will grow your course, the game and your golf career.

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