Focus Group Interviews and Golf Marketing

Focus group interviews are called upon in a lot of qualitative studies in which the interviewer listens to a group of individuals who belong to the appropriate target market, talk about an important marketing issue.

Focus group interviews are used a lot in the entertainment industry as well. A lot of the networks call in focus groups to see how well they believe a certain show will do within a certain demographic. These focus groups are asked to participate in this study where they watch these episodes and are asked several questions at the end of the episode. Questions such as, what do they think about the show, do they like certain characters in the show, did they connect with the characters, did they relate to the subject matter, how did they feel after watching the show, etc. With this information, the researchers conducting the focus group interview are able to give a report back to the networks and let them know where they are on, what worked and where they need to improve or change.

This can also be done with golf marketing and golf professional sales. You as a golf marketer can take a group of golfers that golf at your golf course regularly and sit down with them in a focus group forum. Have a list of questions prepared to ask them as a group so that way they play off of one another and they are able to stimulate each other’s thoughts and ideas about how you can improve your golf course services and golf marketing efforts.

Focus groups give you a complete different dynamic than individual interviews. When you are dealing with focus groups you are dealing with multiple personalities at one time so you are going to get away from the knee-jerk responses because a lot of the answers to your questions will then be brought up for discussion and debated. Your goal is to get several different points of view so you know whether or not this is just a knee-jerk reaction or if this is a legitimate area in need of focus.

It never hurts to try anything, so try to put together your own little focus group for your golf course. Randomly pick golfers and do not just select your friends, because we like people who are like us and we don’t want to get the same types of people with the same personalities in the focus group. You want to be as diverse as possible when it comes to the answers and responses from your focus group and if you implement some of those ideas that come from your own focus group interviews into your golf course marketing, it will definitely help you grow your golf course and your golf career.

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