Ethical Golf Membership Selling And Golf Marketing

Ethical golf membership selling and golf marketing is sales and marketing that takes into account the moral aspects such as telling the truth, selling products that will be of value to consumers, etc. Ethics is becoming increasingly important in professional golf membership sales and golf marketing.

There is absolutely only one way to sell any golf product or golf service, and that is through ethical golf marketing and ethical professional golf membership sales. Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand and this is why I never understand how golf courses would hire a marketing company to launch a golf marketing campaign and yet the marketing company does not train the sales staff on the fundamentals of the campaign. Keep in mind the people who develop the golf marketing campaign are at a better advantage of knowing how to present that marketing campaign to ensure the integrity of the brand.

When I first founded MMC® back in 1989 (and then we registered the trademark and copyrighted the materials in 1991), one of my primary goals was to make sure whoever our clients were, we train their staff on how to professionally sell a golf membership.

The only way I know how to sell anything is through ethical principles. We always tell the truth, we always let the golfer know what he/she is receiving in return for their investment and the same principles apply to our advertising.

Throughout MMC®’s website we assert that there is no need for sales skills or sales acumen because our golf marketing materials and direct mail pieces completely outline the golf membership from cost to content. We do this so there is no miscommunication, but we even take it one step further by having a workshop with the golf course staff at the golf course or online so we are able to convey our perception of how this golf marketing campaign should unfold.

Once it is launched, we want everyone in the golf course from the front counterperson to the secretary in the back office to know exactly what we are offering during our campaign. It is important that the golfer, at no time feels misled or confused as to what he or she is purchasing. Ethical golf marketing and ethical professional golf membership sales are the foundation of MMC®’s business model.

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