Follow-Up Golf Course Marketing

Follow-up is self-explanatory. The term follow-up can be used when it comes to following-up with a golfer who has just purchased a golf product and/or golf service. It can be following-up with a golfer after they just attended a clinic or after they just had their first lesson or had a series of lessons at the golf course.

Follow-up can be with prospective golf members as well. You are just following-up to see if there are any more questions you can answer.  Following-up in professional golf membership sales is a key component to locking-up the relationship. This is one of the areas where a lot of golf marketers and golf membership sales people have dropped the ball.

Following-up does not necessarily mean selling. You need to distinguish what is the outcome you desire from each follow-up.  Are you building the relationship? Are you giving information? Are you gathering information? Are you taking the prospective golf member to the next step in the presentation or the next step towards the golf membership?

You must know your goal before incorporating the follow-up process into your golf membership sales process or your golf marketing efforts. Sometimes, you will want to just follow-up with the golfer to say hello, to see how they are doing, and make it completely about the golfer and not about the golf course.

Prospective golf members want to know they are valued, that they are treated with respect and dignity, that they are not just another sale. They want to be a part of something and to feel they belong. They want to know they are contributing, they want to feel significant, important and respected, etc.

These are all core emotional needs that will be met by being a loyal member of your golf course you can convey when you are following-up with your prospective golf members.

Follow-up is an absolute necessity in golf marketing and professional golf membership sales but the most important thing to remember about following-up is, to know what your desired result is and plan your approach around that.

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