Golf Course Marketing FAB’s

“FAB” stands for features, advantages and benefits – a golf product’s and/or golf service’s description, i.e., its advantages over others and the gains derived by the golfer from choosing your golf products and/or golf services over your competitor’s. You always have to outline the features, advantages and benefits of your golf course’s products and/or golf course’s services because these are key selling components that are necessary in your golf course marketing.

A golf course marketing campaign and/or a golf professional sales presentation starts by going through and making a list of all of the features available within your golf products and golf services.  Find out everything which could possibly be attractive emotionally and analytically for your prospective golf member, then move on to advantages.

Make a complete list. Compile the list of all the advantages a golfer will experience by choosing your golf course as their new golfing home. Find out what emotional advantages and logical advantages they can experience in choosing your golf course over your competitor.

The next step is benefits.  Make a list of the benefits the prospective golf member is going to experience by choosing your golf course as their new golfing home.

Sit down and analyze these three selling tools and write down as many features, advantages and benefits you can possibly think of. Give this as an assignment to everyone on your staff as well, from the pro to the superintendent. Have them list all of the features, advantages and benefits they believe are important to golfers. Then compile them into one cohesive list. You will then give this list to the staff member that is doing your golf marketing and golf advertising as well as your golf sales team.

If you are in a small course and you do all of the above, then it is your job to compile the lists. Find out as much as you can from the Internet as well which will provide you with a lot of information from other sources which you may have overlooked. See what other people are saying about other golf courses and if it applies to your golf course, jot it down.

If you see things that shout…“we do this”, “we offer this”, write it down. Sometimes, golf marketing just needs a little thinking outside-the-box and ideas from different people, stacking other ideas on top of each other.  You are not always going to come up with all of the answers; this is the reason why it is so important to have a team working with you because you are thinking on one level and a team gives you multiple levels.

If you start stacking those ideas which start the creative process it can open up more creativity.

Use as many of those “FAB’s” as possible to improve your golf course marketing efforts and your professional golf membership presentations.

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