Golf Club Marketing: Tactics

Tactics as defined by Wikipedia are actionable steps or decisions made in order to follow the strategies established.

All golf marketers must have a unique approach in their golf marketing strategy. You must have a list of action steps that will take you through a step-by-step system when you launch a golf marketing campaign. This should be carefully outlined and reviewed in advance before you ever launch your golf marketing campaign.

When you are running a golf course, you must be focused on retaining and acquiring golfers to keep the golf course in business. You must have an approach with a series of tactics with one sole purpose…to launch a successful golf marketing campaign. When you are investing your owner’s money into your ideas, you want to make sure the golf marketing campaign you want to launch is successful and will produce your golf course owner a return on his/her investment (ROI).

By putting together a list of tactics and action steps along with a simple check list to make sure you are on track, you will ensure the strength of your golf marketing campaign and guarantee its success. Also, always be accountable for what you are doing, because this is where owners can perceive you as being a professional. When they perceived you as being professional in what you say and what you do, you have eliminated almost 50% of the owner’s hesitation in committing their loyalty to your golf marketing ideas.

Keeping good notes will also be a big help, as this will serve as a tool for you to discover and develop new useful tactics in the future.

Be creative and always think outside-the-box when designing your golf marketing campaigns to ensure your success and you will absolutely grow your golf course, the game and our golf career.

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