Golf Marketing ROI

Golf marketing is selling to the masses, and a professional golf membership sale is selling one on one. Golf marketing requires an investment which demands a ROI. Now that we know our target (from previous blogs), it is time to find out what is the best delivery system of golf marketing, golf advertising or golf promotional messages to capture the target, i.e., the golfer. A ton of research is done on this as well, like communication studies, advertising execution studies, advertising awareness and tracking studies, packaging studies, price studies, customer satisfaction research, etc. Knowing how to get your message out is equally as important as to whom your audience is.

Golf course owners want to know what return they’ll receive on the golf marketing dollars they allocate to increase rounds and raise revenue, known as ROI.

ROI means (for those of you unfamiliar with this acronym), “return on investment” or profits derived from an investment after the costs are subtracted from that investment. I personally live, eat and breathe golf course marketing and professional golf membership (loyalty programs) sales so I have a more aggressive attitude to monies spent on golf course marketing and golf course advertising than most; but any businessperson worth their weight in salt know numbers, and numbers, never lie. I personally think if you are getting an ROI of 10% or better on any of your in-house golf marketing campaigns…keep on doing what you are doing. Ten percent multiplied by several different golf marketing campaigns can add up quick.

With the newly required information from your internal research (read the blogs from the past couple of weeks), you’ll be able to implement customer penetration programs, i.e., sell more to existing golfers and implement new acquisition programs that will bring in new golfers.

By now you have learned some of the golfer’s emotional “hot buttons” (a.k.a. triggers) and how to push them. You know how prospects “feel” about your golf products and services and now you are ready to work on the next step; which is… learning which is the best golf marketing vehicle to engage the casual and core golfer and motivate him/her to take action today, e.g., public relations, packaging, sales promotion efforts, brochures, direct mail, website content and design, e-marketing, corporate identity programs, radio, television, billboards, etc. Don’t be naïve; golf marketing and golf advertising are necessary to increase the level of awareness of your golf property. You must learn a little about all of these vehicles and many more to run some tests to see which vehicles and/or platforms deliver the best ROI.

Other factors like offer, tag lines, medium of media, price point, etc., will also play a major role in your ROI but you have to start somewhere; so don’t get discouraged, just get started marketing your golf property today.

Know the estimated ROI for all future marketing campaigns before you launch and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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