Golf Course Marketing Account Executive

Account executive is just a simple glorified title for a salesperson. Today, the title “account executive” is loosely used throughout the sales and marketing industry. I like using the title “account executive” for golf membership sales people along with golf membership director because the word or title of salesperson has such a negative connotation with consumers.

Golfers don’t like the term salesperson because they link the image to a salesperson trying to push a golf product and/or golf service they do not want or need on them. For me, by simply changing the title to account executive, you eliminate that possible first bad impression.

When people are confronted by a salesperson they automatically put up self defense mechanisms to protect themselves against what they perceive is going to be an attack. This, of course, is not the case in most situations but this is an automatic response due to the negative connotation link to the word sales.

I have said numerous times, a professional golf membership salesperson is someone who finds out what the golfer wants and needs then finds and demonstrates how his/her golf product and/or golf service will satisfy the golfer’s needs and wants.

By giving your professional golf membership sales people the title of an account executive, you already provided them with a tool which will help to get them perceived as a professional. We all know you never get a second chance at a first impression, so it is imperative that the first impression the golfers receive from your staff is one of professionalism.

Simple wording, terminology, jargon and even titles such as an “account executive” will definitely help you grow the game, your golf course and your golf career.

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