Golf Course Marketing: Day-After-Recall

Day-after-recall is defined by as a method of testing the performance of an ad or a TV commercial, whereby members of the audience are surveyed one day after their exposure to an ad or commercial in an advertising vehicle to discover how many of the audience members remember encountering that specific ad or commercial in the advertising vehicle.

Day-after-recall is a way to analyze the success of your ads. I know in the definition above, they talk about TV commercials. Commercials are great for owners who have multiple properties or rely on destination golf. But when you are running a single property, commercials are probably one of the least successful investments when it comes to media for growing your golf club due to the wide geographical area they serve.

With that said, day-after-recall studies is a fantastic way to gauge the success of your ad campaigns, email campaigns or any other vehicle you choose to deliver your message.

Here at MMC®, we conduct a lot of focus groups to analyze our golf marketing campaigns to make sure we are getting the desired result. If you are the owner/operator or a one man band, you can do something similar on a very small scale.

It is so easy to get a handful of your golfers and invite them to lunch and ask them what they thought about your previous day’s advertisement in the newspaper, on the radio, email, etc. Put together your own little focus group and have a list of questions that you want to know the answers to about your golf advertisements and the different programs you offer.

You then can have lunch the following day and see if your golfers noticed the ads. See if they are reaching your target market; see if the advertisements grabbed the attention of the golfers, etc.

You can also ask your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your mom, your dad, or anyone who reads or falls within the demographic you are targeting. By doing so, you will be able to create a day-after-recall study for your golf marketing efforts as well.

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