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Yesterday I wrote a blog about who the real boss is in any business or industry. Since you and I are in the golf industry our boss is the golfer. The customer (golfer) is unequivocally the boss. Golfers work hard for their money and have numerous options to spend it on whatever and wherever they want. Being more conscientious of this fact will help you work on your own associations toward your golfers and therefor make you far better at customer service than your competitor.

You always hear in any business “the customer is always right”. But why is the customer always right? It’s because your customer (golfer) has several options of places to golf  and spend their money. I have heard numerous times where owners, GM’s and Golf Pros have referred to one or two of their members being a major pain in the behind. I truly understand their frustration at times and realize some people are challenging to serve. Even though they are difficult, we can never lose sight of the bottom line and every golfer/member contributes to the bottom line.

I am a numbers person, always looking at percentages, returns, investment, etc. Let’s just look at a members (golfers) value to a golf facility using basic math for a minute. If you have a golfer or golf member that pays $1,200 for their membership and play an average of 50 rounds per year; renting a cart each time and spending an average of $20 per round making the golfer’s financial value to the golf facility at $2,200 per year. In reality, the golfer’s value is far greater than $2,200 because most golf members stay with their golf course at least 5 years which increases the golfer’s value to $11,000 or more. If you take a few minutes and enter into the equation of how much it costs you to procure new members you will soon start to see how valuable customer service is and why you must do everything within reason to satisfy your golfers.

Customer service should not be abused by the golfer/member either. There is a line you must set as acceptable behavior and that which is not acceptable behavior. Aside for anything unacceptable, it is your responsibility to go the extra mile and make sure your golfers have the greatest golfing experience at your golf facility.

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