Golf Course Marketing Direct Mail

Direct mail is also known as DM. Direct mail is one of the most effective vehicles for marketing your golf course that is available to marketers. Direct mail offers you the opportunity to go directly to the household of every golfer within your target market.

Direct mail has numerous advantages over all other forms of media. With direct mail you can write an article, a book or whatever, and as much as you wish. Although you always want to keep your advertisements short and sweet, you could easily put an insert into your advertisement that gives more detailed instruction. With direct mail you’re reaching your most qualified prospects that are available in your target market. In addition to the demographics you will use to determine your target market, your geographic target market is about a 20-mile radius around your golf course.

Getting your name and your brand in every household in that 20-mile radius should be your ultimate goal. Radio is an excellent vehicle to advertise, but the geographical area it covers goes far beyond your reach. Yes, there will be one, two or three golfers who will come from 30 or 40 miles away to play your golf course, but that percentage is so low relative to your overall pool of golfers. When you facilitate direct mail, you can target people through a profiled mailing list using demographic data that will help you eliminate wasteful spending and yield a higher ROI.

Everyone today wants to talk about e-marketing and social media marketing. These are very effective tools in your golf course marketing strategy but they are opt-in forms of marketing which means, the golfer has already raised his/her hand and said they are interested in what you have to say. The easy part of golf course marketing is engaging the prospect when the prospect has already said he/she wants information from you. The hard part is going out and getting new casual golfers who haven’t raised their hand, and get them to the golf course.

Direct mail is absolutely the best vehicle of media to capture and acquire the most qualified new golfers, e.g., those golfers within your geographical reach.

Increase rounds and revenue with a proper direct mail golf course marketing campaign and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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