Convert Golfers Into Golf Memberships

The first place to start is to find out what percentage of golfers visit or call your golf course each year and commit to some kind of loyalty program. This is a lot easier to track than most people think. Over and over, I talk about the necessity of research when it comes to effective golf marketing and professional golf membership sales. Again, I will show you how a little internal research will help you increase rounds and therefor golf revenue with very little effort at all.

I personally love systems because once they are in place, all the employees have to do is follow instructions, but you must “inspect what you expect” to make sure they are following those instructions properly. I have put together a few forms to help golf properties track their info calls, i.e., those calls coming into the golf shop requesting information on golf packages, golf membership rates, preferred players cards, etc. You can find these forms as part of the free download we offer on our site by clicking on this link

The first form I want to mention is the “Info Call” sheet. This sheet gives you a ton of valuable information like the caller’s name, contact info, how they heard about your golf course and which staff member fielded the call. Caller’s name, contact info, how they heard about your golf course are all self-explanatory as far as why we want (MUST) to retrieve this information and to the value of this information. But why do we want to know who fielded the info call? By knowing who took the call, you can find out how well your staff is performing the job of engaging the customer/golfer. At the end of each week you can compare the info call sheet with your guest register (we will talk about this form next) and determine the percentage of people calling in compared to those that take the next step of visiting the golf course.

The “Guest Register” will provide you with even more information but more importantly it will tell you the conversion rate of info callers to guest and the conversion rate of guests into golf memberships or loyal golfers committed to some program. It too, will give you an accurate assessment of your staff’s ability to lock-up relationships for the golf course. By simply knowing these two things, you can start working on ways to improve your staff’s conversion rate and the by product of that will be increased rounds and therefor increased revenue.

Learn to convert guest into loyal golfers of your golf course and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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