Golf Course Marketing: Drip Marketing

I am a big fan of drip marketing for several reasons and I put a little twist on it from the conventional definition. When I think of drip marketing, I think of golf marketing on a very small scale with a limited budget.

In most cases, but not necessarily in all cases, drip marketing in my view, is when you take one concept, one idea or one message to convey to the public and slowly drip that message out through various mediums of golf marketing using several different vehicles to deliver that message. Drip golf marketing is a way to be able to market to your immediate area on a budget.

Another form of drip marketing is putting together a golf marketing campaign to attract new golfers and do it on a very limited basis. Take it to the most elementary level and just simply find every ZIP Code in your area up to a 20 mile radius. This is the furthest we draw from as far as local golfers and casual golfers that are going to commit to a loyalty program in your golf course.

Prepare a golf marketing campaign with the idea of dripping the message out to the golfing community slowly. Think of it as a glass of water then you start dripping water into it, inevitably that glass is going to fill up and eventually overflow with water. The same thing is going to happen with your golf marketing campaign, even though it is going out little by little and it seems like it is not even making a noticeable impact in the beginning, but over a period of time you will see a noticeable increase which will ensure your ability to grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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