Golf Marketing Questions for Owner’s

I write a lot of blogs on golf membership sales and loyalty programs but if you do not do the research you will never know who your target is and how to get them to commit their loyalty to your golf course.

Ask yourself a few questions first; starting with:

  • What is the most important question I want answered, what is the second most important, third most, etc.?
  • Do I know how golfers, golf members and golf prospects think of me and my key competitors?
  • Would such knowledge guide me in the types of golf marketing efforts that would have the greatest impact?
  • If I know how I am perceived, would it help me develop more effective golf marketing programs?
  • Have I considered the emotions and feelings that my golf members and golf prospects have toward me? Would knowing, for example, that members feel ‘I’m a golf course that is sensitive and considerate rather than aloof and inconsiderate’ lead me in a more profitable direction?
  • How can this information help me to allocate my golf marketing dollars more effectively?
  • What are the needs, wants, wishes, desires, and emotions in the marketplace and how golf members and golf prospects are being served by golf courses hoping to capture their loyalty.
  • What are the likely demographics I am looking for, e.g., age, income, etc.?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the golf properties in the marketplace as measured by how they are perceived by the golf prospects and golf members?
  • What and where are the gaps in the marketplace or the areas in which golf courses fail to deliver what is desired by the golf members and golf prospects, e.g., the opportunities that exist for strengthening my hold on the market and/or for exploiting competitive weaknesses, i.e., new golf product business opportunities?
  • Will my golf course grow profitability on pure momentum?
  • Will my golf course grow without improvements?
  • Do I know everything that my competitors can possibly do to hinder my growth?
  • Am I convinced that I can’t lose golfers or gain new ones?
  • Am I convinced that there is nothing that can happen to cause my golf product to become obsolete?

These questions are just the beginning. You must really dig deep and ask yourself the hard questions that you really want to know answers to. I have said this a million times and I will say it again…“our brains are the most advanced computers in the world and if we ask it the right questions, we will get the answers to all of our challenges.”

Ask yourself good questions every day and you will get great ideas for your golf marketing then you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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