Golf Course Marketing Eighty-Twenty Principle

The eighty-twenty (80:20) principle is the situation in which a disproportionately small number (e.g., 20%) of salespeople, territories, products, employees, customers, etc., generate a disproportionately large amount (e.g., 80%) of a golf course’s sales or profits. This phenomenon can be identified and addressed by conducting a sales analysis and cost analysis within your own golf course.

Like most of the things I write about, I don’t remember where I learned the eighty-twenty principle. I didn’t start writing blogs until only a few months ago and I never thought I was going to be a writer, so unlike a lot of writers who write down where they read something and the author, publisher and everything else, I can’t do that because I just don’t remember those details. I simply take notes on the relative and pertinent information.

There are a few main people that I study all the time but other than that I have read thousands of books, listened to thousands of CD’s and tapes and I am constantly feeding my brain. I apologize to those authors, originators, publishers who came up with a lot of the stuff for not giving them the recognition but I don’t do it out of disrespect I simply just don’t remember.

These are just blogs of what I know, of what is in my head and I will just share with you what I remember about the 80:20 rule as well as the other subjects that I blog about.

I do understand and agree with the theory the 80% of the results come from 20% of the input. For example, I always heard that 80% of the wealth is owned by 20% of the population and 20% of the wealth is owned by 80% of the population. The 80:20 rule applies to a lot of things across the board when it comes to basic business principles.

For example, 80% of your rounds might be played by 20% of your golfers. The 80:20 rule really applies to a wide range of business related topics. One of the most important aspects of your business where the 80:20 rule applies is 80% of your productivity and/or output from your business comes from 20% of your employees. Always keep in mind the 80:20 rule is applicable in a lot of different areas of your business.

Understand 80% of your success is going to come from 20% of your golf marketing campaigns and by determining the productive golf marketing campaigns (the 20% that are working) you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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