Golf Marketing and Branding

When speaking with GM’s, Owners and Golf Professionals one of the first issues they raise with doing any golf marketing campaigns is they are concerned with tarnishing their brand.

After we get into our research, we tend to find most golf courses have been tarnishing their brand daily without ever being aware of it. They are doing this by offering discounted tee times, daily deals, punch cards, etc.

When a golf course is constantly going out into the market with discounted golf, they are in essence telling the market that their golf course is valued lower than that of their rack rates.

Basically, golf properties are saying we will never lower our rates…except… when we can’t get anyone to play golf at our golf course for our posted rates. This golf marketing disaster kills your brand.

MMC® does the complete opposite. We have a “CASH PROMOTION” that is designed to go into your market and raise as much cash as possible for your golf course within 60 days; all with absolutely no downside to the golf course. Then we recommend you to launch our EFT (Monthly Receivables) golf marketing campaign, where, the cost of the EFT golf membership is now more than double the cost of the cash membership.

At this point we have surpassed (3) three major milestones.

1) We have raised enough cash to professionally market and grow the golf course for the entire year.

2) We have raised the awareness of the brand and built the perceived value of the golf course in the market.

3) We have secured a monthly revenue stream for the golf course for the next (2) two years.

Our third promotion is our ELITE/AMBASSADOR golf membership. This golf membership is priced for the country club member with a price point relative to the value of a platinum golf membership. This golf marketing campaign only targets the elite consumer with expendable income.

MMC®’s business model is set up to continuously increase the perceived value of the golf property. The only value your property has is that which the market perceives it to have…perception is the golfer’s reality.

Incorporate course branding into your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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