Golf Course Marketing Maximizing Earning Potential

The golf industry needs to start looking at other industries and mentor those other industries when it comes to running a successful business.

Today, I would like to use the airline industry as an example. Although the airline industry recently started getting a really bad reputation, as a whole, there are certain airlines that still do a magnificent job in building their brand and providing unprecedented customer service. One of the areas I like to look at is the peak season for flighing and off-peak season. These are two areas we can learn from and incorporate into our business model.

Just like the airline industry, golf courses are busy during certain peak seasons.  We are all aware of this and this is not a revelation. But where we fail to excel and grow our golf courses is in the area of maximizing the revenue potential from the peak tee times and the off-peak seasons.

A lot of golf courses out there charge three times the normal rack rate for destination golf during their peak seasons but fail to understand that after the prime tee times are full, there are still a lot of tee times left empty.  In certain geographical areas during the summer, the green fees are much higher and in other regions the green fees are much higher during the winter. This is great, but as I said previously, there still are empty tee times in every season.

But this is just a small part of maximizing your earning potential for your golf course. You can design your fee structure where the avid and core golfer who is going to want to play Saturday and Sunday mornings pay more for those premium tee times. The other times, you can give incentives for the casual golfer to play during off-peak times.

The challenge is, golf courses wait until the course is empty before they decide to do something; then they start discounting as fast as they possibly can just to try to get golfers onto the property. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do because then you are telling the community that the value of your golf product is not what you are asking.

Learn how to maximize your off-peak times and off-peak seasons and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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