Golf Marketing Perception

Golf marketing perception is stimulating the internal process that shapes the golfer’s way of looking at golf products and golf services and how it affects them. I have said numerous times that a person’s perception is their reality and the reason why I say this is because however the golfer perceives your golf products and golf services, that is their reality and that is the way they see your golf course.

If you feel their reality is a misperception you cannot change it overnight. Therefore, you need to look at what the perception of the golf facility is first so you’ll know your starting point. You need to take in consideration what your end goal is, what the final perception of your brand is that you are trying to convey to the golfing community, know where you stand in the marketplace and where you want to go.

It is very simple; you just have to make a game plan. The challenge with most people when they set a goal is they don’t count on all of the obstacles that are going to get in the way.

The old “three steps to goal setting” has changed. They used to say “the first step was to set the goal; what exactly it is you want to do or accomplish. Two, is to design a plan to achieve your goal and three, is to go for it, i.e., implement your game plan.

But there are a few other steps that are missing in the old system. One is your current position; how your brand is perceived by the golfing community right now and how you want it to be perceived years from now go hand-in-hand.

You should find out what is the best plan of action or the best strategy you can incorporate into your golf marketing campaign to build this perception within the golfing community. Remember that you are not going to stay on course all the time. There are going to be times where there are challenges that will get in the way, things are not going to happen according to your plans, etc., so it is very important to be prepared to adjust, adapt and be able to survive and conquer challenges that will inevitably get in your way. This is the true definition of a winner.

So building the perception of your golf course is absolutely one of the most crucial things that you can do. Even if you already achieved your goal of having the community perceive your brand as the very best golf course in town, in the city, in the state or even in the country, you should not stop working on building the perception of your brand because there is always going to be someone out there working on their perceived value as well.

Learn to influence the perception of your golf course and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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