Golf Course Marketing Product Positioning

Product positioning relates to marketing efforts that are intended to affect golfers perception of the marketers offerings (e.g., golf products, golf services, golf course image) when compared with how customers perceive yours and your competitor’s offerings.

Product positioning refers to how you are trying to get your brand across or perceived value by the golfing community. You want to be able to get your community and all the golfers within your market to have a positive opinion when it comes to the perceived value of your golf course. As I have said many times, “a golfer’s perception is the golfer’s reality”. How they perceive your golf products and golf services is the way it is in their mind and to be able to change that, you need to be able to implement elements of product placement into your golf marketing.

You need to really understand that the psychology of selling is not just a fast talker in a cheap suit trying to get somebody to purchase what he is offering. You must understand the logical and emotional reasons why a golfer makes buying decisions.

A good salesperson is someone who finds out what the golfer wants and shows the golfer how their golf product and/or golf service can help achieve the golfer’s goals.

You need to be absolutely sure you are getting your golf course presented to the golfer in a positive light and this can be accomplished through product placement.

If you want to capture the higher-end market then you have to provide the high-end product to be perceived in that light, but if you want to capture the everyday working class golfer, or target the casual golfer, then you want to incorporate a little product placement in your golf marketing targeting this demographic.

Product placement is a necessity in the golf marketing of your golf course because it’s going to help you achieve the perceived value of your golf products and golf services on the level that you want to be perceived and it’s all up to you. You are the only one who can change the perception of your golf course in your community and all it takes is a little product placement in your golf marketing.

Learn how to capitalize on product positioning and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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