Golf Course Marketing: Sales Call

A sales call is a meeting between a golfer and a salesperson/membership director who engages in selling golf course memberships, golf course products and/or golf course services. Sales calls can either be face-to-face or over the phone.

When reading this blog, some of the golf professionals are going to say, they are not in the business of going out on or making sales calls, where in actuality, they are in the business of going out on and making sales calls; although they may not know it yet.

One of the ways you can grow your golf club, the game and your golf career is by going out and calling on corporations to offer a free mini golf seminar, clinic or golf lesson which can actually be done on-site.

When it comes to golf club marketing, growing the game and growing your golf career, you must be creative; you must be thinking outside-the-box. There is enormous earning potential by simply getting out of the golf course and going out into the community.

There are numerous ways to generate business and interest in your golf course by going out and meeting with, or calling on, various businesses and organizations within your community.

I realize, in the golf industry, golf professionals don’t like to think of themselves as sales people and actually hate the connotation associated to the word “sales”. But the reality is, in any business, you are a salesperson whether you own your own business or you are responsible for growing someone else’s business, you must embrace the art of professional sales.

You can choose to call it whatever you want, you can call yourself a golf missionary but you must get out and make sales calls. If you don’t like doing so, you can hire a salesperson or a firm like MMC® who loves the sales industry and knows the sales industry inside and out.

In the golf industry, sales calls can be a key component to help you grow your golf course, the game, and your golf career.

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