Golf Marketing Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Most golf facilities would love to raise some revenue and/or increase rounds at their golf facility. The challenge is the people in charge of this driving force either lack the enthusiasm or know-how to do anything about it.

I have said this numerous times, if you don’t love it (golf marketing), don’t do it (golf marketing). If you do something you don’t love, you won’t (can’t) do it well. If you don’t do it well, it won’t be able to perform up to your expectations (or your owner’s) and if it fails to meet your expectations, you will lose all confidence in it. Then you will start to associate negative feelings to golf marketing and golf course professional sales when in reality it was you who failed not your golf marketing campaign.

If you spend most of your day thinking about your wife, your kids, your girlfriend, your game, lessons, golf members, your energy is going to flow there. If you spend your days thinking about growing the game, golf marketing, professional golf membership sales, raising revenue, increasing rounds, golf membership loyalty programs, casual golfers, core golfers, etc., then there is where your (my) energy flows.

Start each morning out by asking yourself one question; “How am I going to raise revenue and/or increase rounds today?” Do not give up until your brain gives you the answer. You have the most advanced computer resting on your shoulders with the fastest search engine that will ever be known to man. Start using your computer more by asking yourself good questions and focus on what you really want, and that is to increase rounds and/or revenue at your golf facility today through professional golf marketing.

Stay focused on golf marketing and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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