Golf Course Marketing Samples and Free Trials

Samples and free trials are forms of sales promotions used in the golf business which gives golfers the opportunity to experience golf products and golf services often in small quantities or for a short duration without purchasing the golf product and/or golf service.

Everyone loves freebies but never forget, if people do not pay, they won’t pay attention. What I mean by this is if people invest their hard earned capital into a golf product or golf service, they are going to pay more attention. Free trials and free samples are excellent ways to get golfers in the door of the golf course.

I have said numerous times you want to put together a professional website where you give free information to the public about golf every week. Send out free newsletters, (not sales brochures) and articles that give instruction and give education on the game of golf. You can also send out free surveys, free analysis and free data, along with golf merchandise.

By giving all of this information free, you will continue to get the golfer to pay attention to your messages. The challenge with most golf marketers is all they see is today and they forget that there is a tomorrow. If you are constantly just trying to sell your golfers by blasting your emails every week with a discounted tee time or discounted green fees or some other promotion (daily special)  you are never going to keep the golfer’s attention.

You are going to lose the golfer’s interest if you don’t give him/her free trials or free samples every now-and-then. For example, if you want to launch a promotion just to build your brand and maybe a little revenue,  you can give a free bucket of balls with any round of golf or a free bucket of balls with the purchase of any other golf product.

There are numerous ways that you can incorporate “free” into your golf marketing campaigns to grow your golf course. Golf professionals should always have some type of free lesson incorporated into their business model. You are building your own brand and you must think of your lessons as an opportunity to drive golfers to your golf course. Your course needs traffic and a great way to get traffic as a golf professional is by giving free lessons. You could look at it as investing into building a client list. Just think of ways that you can use this valuable tool of “free samples” and “free trials” to help you grow the game of golf, your golf course and your golf career.

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