Golf Course Marketing Resources

Do your best with the resources you have. Oftentimes when I am speaking with golf course managers or golf pros about golf marketing, I will hear them say, “Chuck, I just don’t have any budget whatsoever to spend on golf marketing”. “My owner doesn’t believe in golf marketing and he only allocates a very small portion of our revenue for advertising the golf course.”

When I hear this, I am saddened because golf marketing and golf advertising are essential to grow the business and/or golf membership. I also understand it coming from an owner’s point of view that funds are limited and it is difficult to justify taking revenue from one area of the business to invest into golf marketing and advertising especially if the previous advertising failed to yield an acceptable return.

When you have a golf marketing program or member acquisition golf marketing campaign like MMC®’s, it’s easy to run campaigns because we look ahead and have figured out a way to make our programs self-funding and no risks to the owner.  But not all golf marketing is self-funding, in fact, unless you know that you can double or triple your investment, it is very difficult to take the risk.

We all have resources available to us in everyday business and if you think about it you have at least 20, 30, 40, even 50 golfers coming into your golf shop every day; those golfers are resources.  You have a list of 100 to 500 e-mail addresses which are resources as well. Other resources available to you are the local residents’ phonebook, golf stores, driving ranges, etc.

There many different platforms you can use to market your golf course. The most important thing is to start thinking outside-the-box. Every golf marketer has the opportunity to grow their golf course, the game and their golf career.

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