Golf Marketing Acquisition Strategy

An acquisition strategy is the process of locating those potential golfers who are in the market and bringing those golfers to your golf course or to your golf course’s web site and locking-up the relationship, i.e., close the sale.

I absolutely love the sound of acquisitioning golfers. Basically, you are going out in the market place engaging golfers and getting them excited about your golf products and golf services.

But more than the actual acquisition of the golfer you need to know how you get the golfer to the point where you can possibly acquire him/her as a new golf member or golfer of your golf course. There has never been and never will be anything more productive than acquiring golfers through a professional golf marketing campaign.

You must create a well-balanced golf marketing campaign or golf marketing strategy to launch, capture, engage and procure new golfers. In every geographic area where there is a golf course, there is usually a sufficient number of golfers who want to find a golfing home and you can make your golf course successful with the correct acquisition strategy for capturing these golfers.

The sole purpose of golf marketing is to build the best brand, engage and acquire more golfers by locking-up the relationship and doing it all within your budget.

In addition to the golfer acquisition campaign, you must be able to lock-up relationships with golfers whether you are a daily fee play property or a golf membership based course. You must become an expert at locking-up these relationships. You must become an expert at being able to profile who your true target is. You must become an expert at maximizing the use of all media. You must become an expert in the psychology of selling; you must be able to market to the golfer in a way that is appealing and attractive to the golfer. Professional golf membership sales and golf marketing is our business, so start working on your own golfer acquisition strategy today.

Design strong golfer acquisition golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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