Golf Marketing Headlines

Golf courses need golfers and the only way to acquire golfers is through golf marketing. Even if it is only golf marketing through word of mouth, you must always be thinking about growing your golf course and your golf career. Golf markets don’t underperform…golf marketers underperform.

The very basic place to start is with the headline which I refer to as the GRABLINE. The opening statement must grab the attention of the consumer and let him/her know what is in it for them and why there is no reason to fear reading further. Consumers are always looking to get the biggest upside with the least downside.

Golfers don’t buy products, they buy an end result. A desired outcome and the feeling they believe they will get from buying your golf product and/or golf service. For example, when people work with MMC® (, they know the outcome is financial freedom and the emotions are significance, growth, contribution, connection, security and excitement.

Here is an example of a great ad to attract new golfers for golf membership. This can be an inexpensive radio spot, email blast, etc.


Of course no one can afford to give free golf lessons all day but you sure can cut out a couple of hours a day to grow your client base. You give the first 10 golfers a free twenty minute lesson and the other 50 or so golfers a 10-minute consolation prize. Now you have 60 new prospects. If you only get 20% to stay, you still have 12 new golfers multiplied by your rack rate lesson fees, less cost, which is now your ROI. If the numbers make sense then do it, if not, try something else.

Keep in mind; this is just one of a million ways to market your business. Little ideas like this help you “grow” a golf business day by day and are not designed for you to get rich overnight.

Create some great grab-lines/headlines for your golf marketing and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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