Golf Marketing: All-You-Can-Afford Budgeting

The simplest way to describe “all-you-can afford budgeting”, as it pertains to golf marketing is taking out all of the necessary expenses you have within your golf club to maintain it, then taking the rest of the allocated budget and committing it to your golf marketing and advertising campaigns. This doesn’t mean you have to include all of your profit as well, but what it means is that you commit all of the rest of what is left from your budget. I am not saying this because I am coming from an outside marketing company looking for business. I am saying this because of the fact that this is a great way to look at golf marketing from an owner’s perspective.

MMC® is a performance-based golf marketing company that launches no risk self-funding golf marketing campaigns to acquire new golfers. We do not go to golf courses and ask them to graft into their budget our marketing expenses. All of the funds necessary to run our golfer acquisition programs are raised within the promotion itself. I am not saying this from a biased standpoint. I am talking about facilitating all-you-can afford budgeting because, it is important that you must stick to your budget when it comes to operating your golf club. You must not pull the money allocated for your monthly expenses just to fund the marketing campaign. Borrowing money from lending institutions or banks should be your last resort when you are thinking of launching a golf marketing campaign.

If you are not marketing your golf course, you are falling behind because the golfers, just like all other consumers, need to be aware of the golf facilities around them, the available possibilities within their area, the services they can enjoy by joining a golf course, etc. A lot of golfers especially casual golfers are those who haven’t even picked up clubs, have no idea where the nearest golf course is to them, where the best golf facility is around their area. New golfers to the game and some golfers who used to play before but have stopped, golfers want to take lessons, prospective golfers that just want to be introduce to the game of golf or golfers wanting to discover a golf course where they are welcome, etc.

These are all scenarios your golf course must consider when you advertise your golf course to the public on a regular basis. So you absolutely must market your golf club in the best way and with all the resources possible. But a lot of golf facilities, especially those on a tight budget, fail to allocate an advertising budget for golfer acquisition campaigns. Worst case scenario, they should at least commit to an all-you-can-afford budget so even at a minimum, they are making some inroads.

Design a marketing strategy based on the budget that is left after you pay all of your expenses. If you learn to apply an all-you-can afford budget for marketing your golf course in your golf marketing strategy, you will start to grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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