SMS Golf Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) is a fantastic form of golf marketing but this medium is also far from inexpensive. SMS messaging is inexpensive to deliver if it is being sent from an in-house account but can be very expensive if controlled by a third party. It can also be extremely expensive to build your SMS list. SMS golf marketing in relative terms can either be extremely expensive or inexpensive depending if you are starting out with a qualified mobile list or not.

If you do not have a quality list to start with, you must first launch an initial golf marketing campaign via radio, print, Internet, etc., just to build your mobile list to allow you to launch an SMS golf marketing campaign. SMS golf marketing is an opt-in form of golf marketing so you must get the golfer’s permission first before messaging him/her.

With that said, it is absolutely a great support medium for your golf marketing campaigns and if you are smart you will begin to capture mobile numbers immediately so when the time comes for you to launch an SMS golf marketing campaign you will be prepared. Everything is being condensed to fit on mobile devices so be brief when it comes to mobile golf marketing. One day in the near future mobile (SMS) golf marketing will be an excellent way to engage the casual and core golfer, but for now it is absolutely dependent on other mediums to capture your golfer’s pertinent information.

Mobile Pros:

  • 94% of all text messages are read.
  • Great sales and brand exposure.
  • You got customer’s interest already in the beginning when they opted-in.
  • Great for business announcements.
  • Tangible reference which they can use and see whenever they need it later on.

Mobile Cons:

  • Mobile phones are diverse platforms.
  • They come out in different sizes and may require you to make different ads for different phones, not to mention different ads for specific customers.
  • Privacy issues.
  • Requires user’s permission.
  • Intolerance of advertising messages on a personal device.
  • Questionable navigation on a mobile phone.
  • The mobile phone usually comes with a small screen and no mouse.
  • Most advanced features of mobile phones are under-used.
  • Not all companies have websites for mobile platforms.

Mobile golf marketing also demands you to keep your message short and sweet. This requires a lot of knowledge of the psychology of golf course marketing and professional sales as well.

Incorporate SMS into your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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