Golf Marketing and Knowing Who the Boss Is

One of the biggest challenges in business is making sure everyone in the company knows who the “BOSS” really is. Some owners are even often confused with who the real boss is, sometimes taking the liberty of thinking it is themselves. Some managers want to be the boss but are delusional in their thinking when it comes to reality. The one and only boss in the golf industry is the golfer. That’s right, the customer (golfer) is the boss and don’t ever let your ego tell you otherwise.

The golfer is the only reason why you have a golf facility to work for in the first place. The golfer is the only reason the owner(s) built or invested their hard earned capital into the golf course. The owners might (and probably do) love the game but it is the golfer who affords them the ability to own the golf property and without the golfer there would be no golf course. In fact, those of us in the industry including but not limited to, the superintendent, the counter person, the bookkeeper, the maintenance crew, the waitress, the cooks, the cart girls, etc., all should be reminded daily of whom the real boss is and because of them we are able to enjoy the lifestyle we love.

Think about it; the house you have is directly related to your customers (golfers) choosing to spend their capital at your place of employment, which in turn contributes to your salary and therefor allows you to afford the home you live in. This can even be taken further to the car you drive, the food you eat, the entertainment in your life, and on and on and on, all is in direct relation to your customers (golfers) choosing to patronize your golf facility.

So from now on, when you engage a golfer at your facility treat him/her with the respect they deserve. Treat them with the highest gratitude; show them how much you appreciate and value their business and how much you want to repay their loyalty with the very best customer service possible. Don’t ever look at a golfer as an intrusion on your lunch break or as an unwelcomed temporary guest but rather entertain them as the most important person in the world at that moment because when you really think about it, they really are…your boss.

Remember who the boss is and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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