Golf Marketing and Two-Price Advertising

Two-price advertising is when a business puts two prices in their advertisements; the “inflated regular price” that is supposed to be the original price and the “discounted price” which is claimed to be the special offer where in fact the stated “regular” price is not 100% accurate because it has been exaggerated for the purpose of misleading the consumer. Unethical marketers incorporate two-price advertising in their marketing efforts to create an impression of an apparent saving in the consumer’s mind, as a way to attract and draw them into a business.

This marketing strategy makes consumers think that they are getting an enormous opportunity by purchasing that specific product at an enormous discount. This is unethical and even worse, it is illegal. When launching a golf marketing campaign, you must make sure you stay away from advertising your golf course using exaggerated rates.

One of the things we do at MMC® is we check with our clients to ensure whatever rate we are going to advertise is a rate they have in writing in their golf course’s literature so we can always use this information to substantiate any of our claims.

Never ever stoop as low to do a golf marketing campaign that will deceive your golf market. Whatever your rack rate is, stick with it and maintain consistency. Your rack rate cannot be exaggerated just to try to draw in new golfers. Misleading the public is a scam. Incorporating two price advertising in your golf marketing efforts would mislead your golfers, thus, tarnishing your brand.

Avoid misleading your golfers and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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