Golf Marketing Below Competition Pricing

Through the years, I have heard a few golf courses saying they have partnered with their competitors in refusing to do any discounting on golf or lower their rates. They have decided not to compete with each other by maintaining their rack rates in the marketplace. This agreement was implemented to make the golfer within their community “take it or leave it”.

This is ridiculous for the fact that your competitors are not going to pay your bills, your overhead, payroll, your payroll taxes, etc.; they are not going to give you a penny to pay for all of your golf course’s expenses.

Normally, the guy with the deepest pockets is the one that suggests staying with your rack rates and make the golfer suffer by giving them the option to take it or leave it. If you have deep pockets and you can withstand the storm that this policy will inevitably create, then I applaud you.

But most golf facilities are not in this position. What you must do is to find out what your competitors are offering and make sure that it’s apples for apples and oranges for oranges.

Be competitive in your pricing but this does not mean you have to give golf away. A lot of golf marketers don’t understand the concept of packaging and the concept of distribution of revenue.

Come up with a creative and innovative way of presenting your golf product to the public that your competitors have never done before. Marketing below competitive pricing is intelligent and it is a very savvy thing to do.

Again, do not confuse this concept with discounting or giving golf away; it is simply learning how to present your golf product to the golfer in a very attractive way that will beat your competitor’s pricing.

When you learn how to use below competitive pricing in your business model you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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