Membership Group Golf Course Marketing

A membership group is a small group of individuals wherein each individual is psychologically and formally a member. A fraternity, the Rotary Club, and the local golf club are examples of membership groups. It is those groups in which the individual has direct, face-to-face psychological relations and interdependence with other members.

Membership has one of the greatest positive psychological effects on golfers that you could ever imagine. Golfers want to be members of a golf club even if that golf club is a small little public course. If they are allowed to experience the feeling of membership on some level, they will commit their loyalty to the golf club.

A lot of golf professionals, owners and managers fail to understand the importance of the psychological effect membership has on the golfer. These golf professionals are looking at the negative side of membership as opposed to the benefits of membership to both the golf club and the golfer.

Yes, I have heard scenarios where members feel like they own the golf club. I also understand some members are equity members but golf clubs can simply design a membership for local golfers as well. At any price point and access level, this type of membership is going to help you grow your golf club expeditiously.

Golfers have six core emotional needs they must feel. One of those needs is the emotional need to belong, to connect, or to be a part of a group. This is why every business tries to build some form of membership program. From Netflix to Airlines, they incorporate memberships into their business model because they know the psychological value it has when it comes to engaging the public.

Design a golf membership program for your golf course today and you will start growing your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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