Golf Marketing Clutter

Every day, golfers are being bombarded with a ton of golf marketing and golf advertising materials that result from a highly competitive marketplace. This event is what we call golf marketing clutter. Golf marketing clutter makes it difficult for golf courses nowadays to capture the golfers’ loyalty and commitment because it is easy for the golfer to find a new golf course that will offer him/her discounted tee times, preferred player’s card or numerous other deals when his present golf course will no longer seem price competitive.

Golf marketing clutter is a huge challenge for golf courses throughout the entire U.S. Golf daily deal promotions or golf advertisement specials are everywhere and are available in every medium possible. For example, golfers receive offers through the Internet from third-party tee time vendors; they see daily specials in the newspaper, etc. All these different golf marketing campaigns and golf advertisements are competing for the golfers’ golfing dollar.

What you have to focus on is to set yourself outside from those golf courses that are following the trend. This can be enormously challenging, but take the time to conduct research on your golf market and figure out what golf marketing and golf advertisement is out there in the marketplace commonly used by your competitors, look at all the different media and find out which ones are successful and which ones are not, make a list of taglines that are grabbing the attention of the golfers, etc. By conducting research, you can get golf marketing clutter to work for you. You will be able to find out what other golf courses are doing to attract golfers and then do the opposite because 80% of them are worse off than you.

Make golf marketing work for you and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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